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Ravel Grewal Accounting, a firm dedicated to aiding businesses in their growth and success, our collaboration aimed to create a cohesive brand identity and a robust online presence. Renowned for their expertise in accounting and commitment to client success, they needed a branding strategy that echoed their professionalism and approachability. Our first step was the logo creation, where we designed a symbol that was both sophisticated and indicative of their reliability and precision in accounting. This logo became the cornerstone of their entire branding strategy, ensuring a consistent and impactful visual identity. The branding extended to business cards, where we incorporated the new logo and design elements, creating a professional and memorable first impression. These cards were crafted to reflect the firm's commitment to excellence and personalized service. In web design and development, our focus was on creating a user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing website. It was important that the site not only provided a comprehensive overview of their services but also established Ravel Grewal Accounting as a trusted partner for businesses seeking financial guidance and services. Our partnership with Ravel Grewal Accounting was about more than just aesthetic design; it was about building a cohesive and strong brand presence that mirrors their dedication to helping businesses thrive through expert accounting services.

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For the release of Keith Richard’s ‘Talk Is Cheap’ 30th Anniversary, we were approached to manage and manufacture six different formats including Deluxe and Super Deluxe formats, the latter of which comprised of a luxurious folio contained in a wooden box resembling Keith’s classic guitar, Micawber.

We collaborated with Keith Richard’s record label in the UK & US as well as his long-term designer and worked with eight trusted supply partners from all around the globe to procure elements in creating the perfect boxset. One of those supply partners were legendary guitar manufacturer Fender who produced and painted replica ash wood and metal guitar elements in their custom shop in California. We liaised with all suppliers daily to perfect the aesthetic and actualise Keith’s designer’s vision. We also created a high-end marketing asset in the form of an unboxing video for use on social media, Keith Richard’s website and US TV advertising (CBS).

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Google My Business Setup

Logo Development

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Web Development


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Appsolute Advantage exceeded our expectations with exceptional branding and web design. Their work has greatly enhanced our professional image and client engagement.

Ravel Grewal

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